Registration Dues


United FC Club Registration Fees:

2019 -2020 Club Fees: $75 per Athlete

League Fees:

Annual 2019-2020:

UYSA Registration Fee: $12.25

UYSA Legacy Fields Fee: $40

UYSA League Fee: $149 - U9-U15

UYSA League Fee: $74.50 - U16-U19

Tournament Fees:

Varies by tournament/team option and  Team Decision

Team Fees:

Additional cost for equipment, speciality coaching, etc.. as needed by team.

Waiver Forms:

Please fill out, sign and print Waiver form below.  Return Waiver form to a coach or email to

United FC Waiver Form

FAQ's about United

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are there Tryouts?

Yes, there are tryouts. Please register before May 13, 2019.  The link is on the homepage.

Depending on the athlete's kill level, your athlete will then be placed on the appropriate team or cut. We have 2 teams per grade. We have a Black Team (Strong Competitive) and a Red Team (Development Competitive). 

When does the season start?

Tryouts for club soccer is usually the second week of May. The season will last for the entire year and is divided into 2 parts. We have Fall League and Spring league. There is also tournaments throughout the year.  Coaches decide which tournament to join for his team. 

What do the costs look like each year?

Annual 2019-2020:

UYSA Registration Fee: $12.25

UYSA Legacy Fields Fee: $40

UYSA League Fee: $149 - U9-U15

UYSA League Fee: $74.50 - U16-U19

Club Fees: $75 per Athlete

Total Annual Fees per Athlete U9-U15:  $276.25 

Total Annual Fees per Athlete U16-U19:  $201.75

**Customs United Uniforms (2 sets shirt/short/socks) - $150

Can my son/daughter play recreational soccer as well as play competitive soccer?

No. The athlete must decide to play competitive or recreational. They cannot play both. They can quit competitive to go back to recreational soccer. But to join competitive soccer again they will need to wait until the next tryout which will be the following May. 

What are your club and coaching fees?

Club Fees are $75. There are no coaching fees per team. We are a volunteer based club. However, there are teams that use trainers and developmental assistants that do charge. Each team will handle these trainers independently. 

Where are your practices generally held?

Practices locations depend on the coaches. There are many different fields that coaches are utilizing. But we are usually on the west side of St. George.

How many months of the year do practices go for?

Practices also vary per coach and team dynamics. But typically practices are held each week during seasonal play with breaks during winter.  

How many tournaments are usually attended?

This depends on each team and the coach. 

How old does my son/daughter need to be to play this year?

The cutoff for competitive play is 2012. The 2012 class will be playing up in the 2011 league.